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BRIMS Partners
Hairstyles & Personal Care Products that 
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Tamiko Kirk Stylist
BRIMS is happy to introduce you to affiliated services such as Dzyns by Miko and others listed below. While they are totally independent of BRIMS, we all share affiliate offers and thus our clientele is mutual. You have our assurance that any business listed below has demonstrated the same dedication to customer service by which BRIMS stands.  If they should fail to do so, you have our word that corrective measures will taken or their link will be removed.

Here are trusted affiliates recommended by BRIMS.
Roberto & Tanyeka Hayes, Pastors
Plaza 85, 6040 Unity Drive  Unit H
Norcross, GA  30071
(770) 263-POTH(S)
Nakato Calvin / 
Babidiye Robinson,
Personal Trainers
(800) 555-5555
Synthia Jones, Owner
SUITE 340-C, Atlanta, GA. 
(404) 919-2658
Hat Life Directory
Diane Feen, Editor
Name of Contact Person
(800) 555-5555
Note to my associates:
This One Could Be 

Partner Service
The image you desire, 
the service you deserve!
Partner Service